How Yoga Taps into Your Adventurous Side

Step into your Om

I just had the best yoga workout this morning. I always do when I take the time to glide straight into a full yoga workout — especially one that lasts over an hour.

The particular yoga session I did today was called Progressing to Head Stand. In this workout, guided by Fiji McAlpine, I get to be present, to work on strength and length in my body, but most of all, I get to go upside down! A practice I love, but that I don’t often set the time aside to do (but should!).

The purpose of headstand runs deeper than the workout as a shoulder-strengthening pose. The meaning behind head stand is to acknowledge your ability to see things from all perspectives. Whether you’re right side up or upside down, the world is the same but you may notice it in a new light.

It’s similar to when you travel somewhere, seeing a view you’ve never noticed yogabefore. Seeing the sunset over the Ganges…or simply taking a hike near your hometown and coming across a brilliantly colored dragonfly. You’re still you, sitting in this world, but your eyes are open and noticing new things.

Do you see the parallel? When you’re in head stand pose, you may be at home looking at the same sofa and rug you always see, but you’re seeing it differently. You’re also feeling it differently, because that body sensation while upside down is quite unique to the upside standing world.

Now back to this Ganges River example, you may have seen a sunset over a river before. But you’re there, feeling the Chinese air, smelling the native smells, perhaps snacking on a pork bun rather than a granola bar and sharing the moment with a local.

It’s all about embarking on a new way to see the world. To see everyday things. To trigger your senses and appreciate being alive and well on this earth.

Ahhh, this post-yoga moment of zen is highly recommended. 🙂



Photo courtesy of Jasmine Kaloudis


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