If You had the Opportunity for a Free, Incredible Trip…Would You Take It?

My hairdresser recently got back from an incredible, life-changing, powerful trip to Thailand. He was blessed by a monk, saw awe-inspiring ancient ruins, swam in pristine waters, and reveled with locals who hula hooped with fire.

What’s even more interesting about his tales on the road was that he did so with free, business class seats. One of his clients gifted him with two business class tickets to anywhere in the world! (Now that’s what I call a nice tip!)

But here’s what’s most interesting – and shocking – of all…

He couldn’t find a +1 to go with him! These tickets were flexible on dates, and he’s a great guy to hang out with. But when he asked around to find a travel buddy, he was turned down by the first NINE people he asked! Nine!! And then, frustrated, he told this challenge to his regular bartender. So his bartender jumped at the chance. And it worked! So the two of them went off for this epic trip and had an amazing time.

The nine people who turned my stylist down seemed jealous post-trip, asking if they could be his travel buddy next time.

But who knows if there will be a next time? At least in terms of getting the hookup of the free business class seats.

Some things in life come as these blissful opportunities, but the need to be jumped at.

“Life gets in the way” is a common challenge. And many don’t feel they can take off the time from work, or may think of the money that’ll be spent post-flight.

My question for you is, what would you choose if friend came to you with free flights? Would you go? If all things felt like a fit? Great travel buddy? Amazing destination?

Or would you pass this up?



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