What’s on Your Bucket List?

Bucket Lists…

I’m not one to use this term very often. This term that makes you think about your own mortality, and all you want to get done in life before you “kick the bucket.”

But let’s face it, it is a great motivator. A kick in the pants to get you moving before a “bucket” ever comes in the picture.

None of us will be around forever, and as we age, we never know how well our health will hold out.

So what is it you still have left to do? What’s on your bucket list?

Perhaps you’ve already lived a pretty full life, like raising a family or leading a company…creating art…serving the community.

Now, what is the next step? Do you feel like there’s still a lot more you want to do? Ways you want to contribute? Experiences you want to know first-hand? Places you want to travel?

It’s so important to know your goals and to take steps toward these goals. That’s the secret to living fully.


Is travel on your list?

For me, travel is a particularly strong theme in my list bucket list. No surprise, being that I’ve shaped my business around motivating people to travel!

But I’ve found that so many of us have travel on the list of our top dreams, but even in retirement, don’t make the trips happen. Or we do travel, but not the way that really touches our hearts and sparks meaningful moment.

We stick to the comforts of cruises and resorts, and don’t really get the value of the incredible local connections of a place. Delving into the culture and dynamics and spirit of a place and its people is where I believe the real magic lies.

Often, these experiences can be done for very affordable prices, even if it doesn’t seem likely. I know lots of ways to make the money last when traveling, even if budget is a challenge. Budget aside, there’s other aspects standing in the way of shaping epic travel.

Maybe you steer shy of checking off your dream trip, because then what would you have to look forward to after that? Or maybe you feel guilty about traveling too much. That’s a real thing. Or maybe your worry about the unknown if you steer off the beaten path in a travel destination.

Whatever the case, I ask you this:

Are you taking action on the dreams on your bucket list? If not, why? If you’re not putting them on the calendar now, then when?

Please reply in the comments box, or send me an email at info@makingtravelhappen.com. I’d love to hear your answers.the-bucket-list-734593_1280



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