Are Dream Trips for Dreaming? Or for Actually Doing?

I’ve always been a dreamer. As a kid I’d dream of far-off places, especially those far-reaching spots on the opposite side of the globe where my favorite animals actually roamed wild – elephants, hippos, cheetahs. Yes, from a very early age, I’ve dreamed of going to Africa.

This travel was among a handful of other dreams that came to me — see lava with my own eyes, skydive, squash grapes with my bare feet I Love Lucy style, visit Hawaii, learn how to weld, get honey from a beehive, and the list goes on.

I didn’t have a plan for achieving these things. I didn’t have a date or deadline either. But they were often on my mind and tended to come into conversation.

But I have a confession. As much as I imagined these things and loved the idea of actually doing them, I had a skeptic voice in my head. This voice that made everything I dreamed of into a someday, future thinking, no set date, could it really happen?

jetty overlooking a beautiful sunset

Dream of reaching that far off land?

 That crazy voice

I even faced the doubtful voice that thought if all these things really happened, then what dreams would I have left? Isn’t it better just to keep them on the dreamy list as something to look forward to? Things I could do when I’m 80 and retired? Isn’t that the practical thing to do?

Lucky for me, I’ve had a group of supporters who listened to me ramble for years on the things I wanted to try and achievements I wanted to attain. They helped me realize how ridiculous it sounded to put my dreams on hold, and to instead just do it.

Now, through my own self-growth and ability to knock down barriers, and the amazing group of cheerleaders and instigators along the way, I’ve checked off all kinds of cool activities on my dreamy list. Often accompanied by wonderful friends, family members or my spouse to share in the excitement and memories.

(And I want to help you do the same by offering a free call on How to Make Your Dream Trip Happen.)

As for that big juicy, mother-load dream of going to Africa to see the top tier of land mammals in the wild? That one I can remember dreaming of way longer than any other dream?

It’s happening… IT’S HAPPENING!!!

I’m staying true to my own motto of Making Travel Happen, and checking off the destination I’ve most highly regarded on my travel list.

To be honest, three months ago this trip wasn’t even on the calendar. It was still in my category of big dreamy dreams to keep on the shelf for that someday trip.

But you know what? That’s no way to lead and coach other folks into making more travel and adventure happen in their lives. Sure, I’ve traveled many, many other places, faced up to many exciting adventures, and I’m brimming with information on how to make those trips happened. But here I was, holding back on my top  trip.

Then, a series of opportunities appeared, the timing was as right as it ever will be (note on trips, it’s never fully the right time—you have to make it the right time), and the practical planning has all merged into what is now a big mondo trip which I leave for in just nine days.

I’ll be zipping around Zimbabwe and South Africa, delving into the culture, meeting the locals, greeting the animals, and ultimately checking out the very best places to bring groups for future visits with Making Travel Happen. Stay tuned as I’ll keep you posted on the adventures!

**Before I leave, I want to share with you how you can make your big trip a reality. It doesn’t just happen on its own. So join me this coming Wednesday, February 12 as I share with you how to make your dream trip into a now trip.**

Sign up for my free webinar here! Let’s get you going on your dream trip, too.

african elephants

My upcoming dreamy trip! (photo courtesy of davidberkowitz on Flickr)


  1. Jo Nell Tyson February 8, 2014 Reply

    Megan, you are a darling and I am so excited for you. When I was younger I dreamed of going to Africa. Not sure about now but the way things are going I have a feeling I might get close. Love you

    • Author
      Megan February 12, 2014 Reply

      I think that trip can easily happen! Let’s make a plan. 🙂

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