Megan at afternoon tea

Megan Tyson King loves a good adventure, and she’s not picky about what that entails. Whether it’s ziplining in Costa Rica, sheering sheep in the Aussie Outback, or getting to know the locals in Kiribati, she’s game.

But watch out – she likes to bite others with the travel bug as well. The thing is, she’s extra enthusiastic about motivating people to travel, primarily those who suffer from stand still-ishness. (It’s the condition of talking about going places, daydreaming of going places, but not actually going.)

She strives to encourage others to actually go away, and also have a meaningful trip. Going somewhere that’s culturally unique, sustainable, and just oozing with awesomeness. That doesn’t mean you have to travel far, but just know where to look. You can travel somewhere quite unique within an hour of your home. It’s Megan’s goal to make sure you find the fun rather than the hassle of travel, find the meaning rather than the noise of places, and see and do things that open your mind to possibilities and the awesomeness that is presented when you jump out of your everyday.


Megan has zipped around the globe, both in groups and solo. She’s checked off 21 countries, and among those, has made solid efforts to get to know the locals and understand their culture. Among her explorations, she’s worked as a nomadic farmer in Australia, a massage therapist and shopkeeper in London, and took on various volunteer projects while studying Spanish in southern Mexico.

Whenever she settles in a location, her requirement is that it’s a global travel destination, to keep her meeting and greeting incredible people from all over. She’s currently settled in Washington, D.C., where she’s worked as a videographer, photographer, writer and communications strategist for companies ranging from Expedia, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Travel Association and Pack for a Purpose. She also created the DC restaurant guide app for smartphones called Dine Out DC.

Prior to this, she lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she studied, surfed, hula danced, worked with Norwegian Cruise Lines, and fell in love with Polynesian culture. She also has a place in your heart for the U.S. Southwest — she was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and remains addicted to authentic green chile breakfast burritos.

She holds an M.A. in Public Communication from American University and a B.S. in Travel Industry Management from the University of Hawaii.

Megan’s Notes on Inspirations and Motivations

I’ve always been a daydreamer for visiting far off places, and grew up with the annual road trip in the family camper. My first passport stamp came from a visit to Germany when I was 14 to visit my sister, who was living there as an exchange student. Everything about the country amazed and impressed me. I fell in love with the rush of tasting new flavors, applying the little I had learned in German class, and learning the many differences and similarities of our cultures. Really, a cool trip and I thank my parents for taking me and my sister for giving us a reason to head that way rather than do the usual summer road trip.

A few years later, I was given an incredible opportunity to travel with a friend, who was really more like a grandpa to me. In his late 70s and challenged with walking (which never deterred him from his annual round-the-world tickets), my dear friend Frank took me to visit his part-year home in Oxford, England (as he also lived part-year in Roswell, New Mexico and Hong Kong), and then on to islands he’d always wanted to visit — the outer Hebrides of Scotland.

As an expert global traveler, Frank showed me that the world is a stage for exploring, journeying, and connecting with incredible people. He helped me open my mind to ideas I just hadn’t considered from my small pocket of the world. We ventured off the typical tourist track and into the heart of the far-flung islands of Scotland. It stirred new meaning in travel for me, and I’m forever grateful of Frank’s hospitality to include me in his journey.


Vagabond, scholar, inspiration…and friend of orangutans. Frank’s the best!

Recently, Frank, the most brilliant, interesting, humorous, admirable man I know, passed away. I miss him dearly, but it was his time. Now, to honor him and the generosity he shared to open up my journeying path, I’ve created a business that looks to the core of what travel is all about. Connecting, expanding, exploring, giving, learning, laughing, living. As Making Travel Happen grows, we’re also growing a fund to allow young adults like me on that Scotland trip the opportunity to travel afar and receive an incomparable experience to open minds and see the beauty of the world near and far.