Do you seek more connection with the world? More authentic pursuits? Meaningful travel? Out-of-box adventures?

Experiencing the kind of moments that truly touch your heart? The ones that allow you to feel home even if you’re thousands of miles away? Making incredible memories?

As a travel coach, I help you shape the blueprint for the meaningful travel experience that fits you like a glove, and I also help you get this on the calendar and make that travel happen!

Because when it comes down to it, as a whole, we are so often challenged with the speed bumps keeping us at home. Ignoring the natural call to explore beyond. We have reasons like:

  • not enough time
  • not enough money
  • too many commitments at home
  • … or even the guilt of going (Yes, that’s a common challenge that just isn’t often talked about!)

These are the real reasons that keep so many from traveling in the way they’ve envisioned in their dreams.

What I do is help you work through anything standing in your way, and insure you maximize the benefits of the experience on the road. I believe the value and impact that travel can bring is so powerful that I’ve devoted my career to helping others who desire to travel to do so, with full gusto.

Let’s connect!

Chief Adventurer, Making Travel Happen


  • I’ve joined several of Megan’s activities because she attracts a great crowd of friendly people and comes up with even more of an adventure than promised. She’s well-organized and is wonderful at making sure everyone has fun & participates.
    Viral Doshi, Reston, Virginia
  • Megan’s tours are wonderful! She brings her fun, spirited attitude that makes you want to skip around. She's engaging and has a true desire for all to have a great time.
    Rebecca Underhill, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Just before my wedding and honeymoon, I was really stressed about the time away from work. But with Megan's advice I was able to cut the stress and fully enjoy the celebrations. The festivities were really beautiful (and business is fine) 🙂 Thanks for the positive vibes and inspiration, Megan.
    Sandeep Keswani, India
  • Megan has this incredible positive energy and contagious enthusiasm! She is a great tour leader and went above and beyond to ensure we all had an amazing time!
    Magali Devic, Washington DC