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Travel, in many forms, has proven to be healing, productivity-boosting, inspiring, eye-opening, courage-strengthening, life-enhancing, and smile-inducing. Lots of studies back up the benefits of travel, and I'm here to help you make more travel happen in your life.

I know why people don't travel as much as they'd like. I hear it all the time, and I've had similar blocks in my life (but I've moved past those!). Reasons are all the same: I don't have the money...I don't have the time...I can't get away from work...I have kids and it's too much hassle going anywhere with them...I don't want to travel alone and don't have anyone to travel with.

Whatever the case, I have a hunch you're here because you seek an adventure. And an adventure you shall have! If you're willing, you can work out any barrier so that you get out there and travel more. Life experiences await your arrival — go out and meet them.



Chief Adventurer, Making Travel Happen