Do you want to have more fun in life? More adventure? More laughter?

Making Travel Happen is about adding zest to your life. It’s about saying no to a dull rut you may be stuck in and saying yes to adventure and fun!

Adventure = A sprinkle of excitement that helps you connect to the vibrance of life on a higher level.

Travel = To explore curiously outside your home or workplace, seeking something fresh, something different.

Join me if you’re ready to tap into your adventure.


Chief Adventurer, Making Travel Happen


  • Megan has this incredible positive energy and contagious enthusiasm! She is a great tour leader and went above and beyond to ensure we all had an amazing time!
    Magali Devic, Washington DC
  • Just before my wedding and honeymoon, I was really stressed about the time away from work. But with Megan's advice I was able to cut the stress and fully enjoy the celebrations. The festivities were really beautiful (and business is fine) :) Thanks for the positive vibes and inspiration, Megan.
    Sandeep Keswani, India
  • I’ve joined several of Megan’s activities because she attracts a great crowd of friendly people and comes up with even more of an adventure than promised. She’s well-organized and is wonderful at making sure everyone has fun & participates.
    Viral Doshi, Reston, Virginia
  • Megan’s tours are wonderful! She brings her fun, spirited attitude that makes you want to skip around. She's engaging and has a true desire for all to have a great time.
    Rebecca Underhill, Silver Spring, Maryland